Justice League #1 Review

Posted July 20, 2016 by John Newby in Comic Books

Written by: Bryan Hitch

Art by: Tony S. Daniel

Publisher: DC Comics

DC Comics has been cranking out new #1’s for the past few months, with a varying level of success. These issues have caused multiple quality discussions between the editors at We The Nerdy, especially concerning Aquaman and The Flash. Many of these stories, including Green Lanterns #1, laid the seeds of a bigger story. This concept wasn’t the most popular around, but it’s quite interesting to see the payoff. Regardless of overall opinion, DC has accomplished the goal of creating a story that ties together to form The Justice League #1, but is this issue worth reading?

This issue may be a full-on Justice League comic, but it actually focuses on each hero individually. Wonder Woman kicks it off by “settling” some political disputes and showing cocky soldiers how to behave properly. This focus is short-lived as Bryan Hitch starts bouncing around between the different heroes. The whole world is basically imploding with earthquakes, volcanoes, and countless other natural disasters. This craziness is overwhelming to some members of the Justice League, especially the two new Green Lanterns.

As an overall concept, the story is very interesting. The new enemies were briefly seen during Green Lanterns #1, and it was enjoyable to see them some more as everything progressed. The red eyes and hive mind are super creepy, and they have really weird powers. I do find it peculiar that this story partially resembles the very first episode of the Justice League cartoon because of the ships, but that’s probably just a coincidence.

It does help that the heroes have some good moments throughout the story. Cyborg is a goober, and his monologue about a football game was a fun scene. Wonder Woman was a one-woman wrecking crew with some witty comments, and she made her enemies look like fools. Batman and Superman both have important roles, and this story makes them seem like the complete and total badasses that they are. Unfortunately, these two key members are only around for a few short moments. It’s almost a waste.

Strangely enough, the interesting story and solid characters weren’t enough to make Justice League #1 seem amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the issue was decent. It just left me with an overwhelming feeling of “meh”. Justice League #1 is similar to a Toyota Camry. Solid car, but it’s no Lamborghini. Hopefully, the later issues will keep rolling with the story and became more intriguing as the Justice League doles out some holy vengeance.

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