Marvel 2-in-One #1 Review

Posted December 21, 2017 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Art by: Jim Cheung

Published by: Marvel Comics

I must disclose I haven’t been following Marvel as closely as I had in the past. I was aware of a second civil war and a secret war, and apparently there are some super heroes or something, but I thought this a good time to test Marvel’s ability to tell a compelling story to someone ignorant of the finer details of their more recent adventures.

This first issue of Marvel 2-in-One focuses on the two surviving members of the Fantastic Four, which you may have guessed from the picture to be the Thing and Human Torch. Life without their teammates has been difficult, and the pair both handle loss in different ways. This book spends a lot of time looking into Ben’s life in a post-Fantastic Four world and not a lot of time punching badguys. Normally I want to complain about this as I am a simple man, but the writing feels very genuine and the entire book is paced very well.

Another element that guided me away from Marvel books in the past was the art, and this issue makes up for it in a very tasteful and visually pleasing way. Characters all have personality, and faces are recognizable, a trick many artists seem to be struggling with as of late. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but at no point in the book did I need to turn my head sideways to figure out what’s supposed to be going on, and that has become a very important aspect to me.

I can’t say too much further about the plot without spoiling the meat and potatoes of the story, but for anyone who cares about these characters at all it’s an easy sell. Again, I didn’t follow the Secret Wars at all, and I’m left now caring about what I missed as well as wondering what’s next for this pair.

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