Marvel’s Agents of Shield “Devils You Know” Review

Posted November 4, 2015 by Kenneth Rodriguez in Comic Books

If you would like to catch-up on last week’s episode, you can find that here.


The show is four episodes into its third season and well it seems like we are going into a meandering route once again. I’m hoping this will shore itself up soon, and it likely will once it gets deeper into the season. But as for now, it seems like we will get some background information and some decent interest with May hunting down Ward with abandon. So here’s the run down: It’s recruiting time over at SHIELD, and Coulson is getting a little help from a former enemy. The cloning Inhuman that caused so much trouble during last season’s finale is back, but this time the white-eyed splicer is the agency’s new inside man. If pre-fish oil powered people won’t open up to SHIELD directly, they will have no problem confiding in Alisha.

Mack and Skye on the prowl for Lash

To give them credit, SHIELD’s new plan was working beautifully for about 10 seconds. Then Lash came crashing into the picture. Two dead Inhumans and one fried clone later, Mack and Daisy were on the case while Fitz and Bobbi rushed to bag and tag everything of import before Rosalind’s minions descended upon the scene. Back at HQ, Alisha has found her clone’s electrifying death to be both physically painful and psychologically horrifying. In other words, Dr. Garner is not a happy camper. Daisy isn’t jumping for joy either. Not only has Lash decimated two more of her kith, but Coulson has also taken this opportunity to start playing buddy buddy with the ATCU. Even with the ATCU on the scene, the demonic Sonic managed to pull a Houdini once more. For those keeping score at home, the round one of the Coulson/Daisy faceoff went to the Director.

The mission wasn’t a complete failure, however. Inhumans around the globe have been receiving emails promising an Afterlife reunion, but the gesture of good will was really just a Trojan horse designed to ascertain their location and add them to Lash’s hit list. Unbeknownst to the season’s big bad, there is no computer virus Daisy can’t spin to her advantage. Before long, SHIELD (and the ATCU by extension) has the culprit in sight.

…And the programmer is NOT Lash (did you really think it would be that easy?). An Inhuman who gets a painful rash anytime he comes across another enhanced person, Dwight Frye has merely been sending out emails for the hulking menace. He’s also living in a pigsty. Who leaves their terrigenesis crystalys lying around days, possibly weeks, after your transformation? Dude, clean that mess up!

As much as the new ATCU’s divining rod believes Lash is an angel of mercy, putting the recently transformed out of their misery, he’ll be singing a different tune when his hero attacks his transport. SHIELD ceded custody to the ATCU, but after Daisy kicked up a fuss, Coulson decides his Secret Warriors team should go along for the ride.  Unfortunately for all involved, neither team will ever make it to the ATCU’s holding sight.

Lash lays siege to the van, taking out Frye in the process. Come on, Lash, if you’re intent of playing the villain, why don’t you go knock over a few banks? Do you know how many robbers would kill for your ability to dematerialize walls with a single finger? The Mona Lisa would be gone within the hour.

Anyway, a half conscious Daisy uses the attack to catch the mother of all clues. Watching Lash’s silhouette, Quake finally understands how the great white shark keeps dropping off the radar. Like a werewolf, Lash can transform into a normal human at will. Now if only Daisy had seen his face… From Hunter making a deadly mistake to May making her visit back to SHIELD HQ to Ward jumping out a window, “Devils You Know” took the Hydra plotline and spun it on its head.

May and Hunter are about to take Ward out

May and Hunter are about to take Ward out

Ever since Bobbi’s physically devastating showdown with Ward, Hunter has wanted to put a bullet in the turncoat’s head. His infiltration of Hydra, however, has May on edge. She’s so worried in fact that she turns to Coulson for help. It’s a trip that will result in a rather awkward face-to-face with Andrew. Word on the street around HQ is the Doc left May this time around. Not because he didn’t love her, but because he had undisclosed work to take care off. Can you feel the tension? Ward, meanwhile, is putting together an op with the guns Hunter so kindly provided. He’s also spewing out SHIELD terms left and right, confusing the hell out of his new lackeys. Awww. You miss your SHIELD days, don’t you, Ward? Hunter is one of those lackeys now, and he’s about to meet the boss. Whoops. Somebody didn’t plan for that. Luckily, Hunter’s quick on his feet. He’s firing off rounds before Hydra knows what hit them. Soon May is in the mix. Where she came from, nobody knows. We’re just all glad she’s ready to kick some Hydra butt.

Ward's version of HYDRA is interesting

Ward’s version of HYDRA is interesting

…And that’s where Ward’s foresight comes into play. Remember little von Strucker? Remember how he’s keeping tabs on Garner? Well, May’s appearance caused Ward to send the text that would ultimately put Andrew in the ground. Thanks to a little Facetime, May sees she has a choice – walk away or see von Strucker and his muscle torch her ex. It’s time for some intense eye contact. May to Hunter. Ward to his henchmen. Andrew to his attackers. Me to my popcorn. The suspense rises. Hunter makes his move…and fails. Ward escapes and May looks like she’s about to rip the Brit limb for limb.

Alex von Strucker, meanwhile, flees the scene of his crime, looking like he’s about to pee his pants. Unidentifiable bodies litter the convince store floor, scattered amongst the Pringles and Chex Mix. A little gasoline, a little spark, and the evidence is up in smoke. Andrew, for all intents and purposes, is dead. Or is he? No body, no crime, right?

It was a fairly quiet week for the science wonder twins. Fitz quickly figured out that Simmons is trying to recreate the portal, and it wasn’t long before he confronted her. As Agents of SHIELD heads into “4,722 Hours,” Simmons is ready to spill on her little alien adventure…

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