Midnighter #11 Review

Written by: Steve Orlando

Art by: Aco, Hugo Petrus

Publisher: DC Comics

Midnighter has been, on a critical level, a great success for DC You and is undoubtedly one of the best books the company is putting out at the moment. After a shaky issue however involving the Suicide Squad, I was a little uncertain the book would be able to end on the high note it began on. Fortunately, the newest issue includes a lot of payoff for series fans, as well of a reminder of everything that makes Midnighter so damn good.

As you can tell from the cover, Midnighter’s ex-boyfriend Apollo makes a reappearance this issue, allowing for a much needed heart-to-heart between the characters (as well as, of course, some gorgeous Aco action scenes). Midnighter is a book which, at it’s core, has a great central lead and character development, so Apollo’s inclusion add interesting new wrinkles and help steer the book back in the right direction. Midnighter isn’t just an overly violent action book, which the inclusion of the Suicide Squad distracted from, so the return to character based drama is definitely a relief, especially for fans.

And now to be a total hypocrite, I’m going to praise Aco for his gloriously rendered action scenes and how this high octane distinct action is exactly what has made Midnighter stand out from other books of its ilk. While occasionally the layout can seem dense and confusing (especially during a a few conversation scenes I almost read out of order) it absolutely works for the character’s unique powerset and fighting style. It really helps give the book the edge it needs and definitely presents a unique visual flavor not found in other DC books. While we do have Huge Petrus filling in for a few pages of the book, the changes don’t distract heavily, apart from some faces looking a little rougher, meaning the book looks great throughout.

The best thing the issue does is start building towards what looks to be an incredible conclusion for the series. While I’ve said similar things for every recent DC book I’ve reviewed and have feared will be lost to Rebirth, here Orlando’s story feels like it’s coming towards a much more natural conclusion. By the issue’s end I left feeling excited, not disheartened, that we were coming to the end, and put the book down knowing full well that these guys are going to stick the landing.

Overall, Midnighter manages to rectify a past misstep to deliver an issue that should be an absolute treat for fans, delivering on every area that has made the book feel so good. If you haven’t been checking it out, I seriously encourage you to go back and do so, as we’re building to something that’ll likely be remembered for years to come.