Packs Of The Lowcountry #1 Review

Posted June 4, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written By: John Dudley

Art By: Don Cardenas

Publisher: Roar Comics

The indie comic scene is something that has really been on the rise in the last few years, showing that comics don’t have to be all capes and superheroes, but they can be about pretty much anything. In this case that anything is werwolves, aliens and well as the people caught in between them. Packs of The Lowcountry #1 is a solid debut issue from the creative team of John Dudley and Don Cardenas that balances action, horror and a lot of suspense while providing a fresh take on the post apocalyptic genre

The issue begins with a monologue by the comics supposed protagonist Bastion, a military man with an unknown past. In it he tells the tale of the alien invasion that left the majority of the world’s population dead, and the rest hiding in the “free lands”, a secure area devoid of the invaders. Bastion is summoned to join a team outside of the “free lands”, for a mission that isn’t explained in this first issue. This lack of explanation is a big reason as to why this book is as good as it is as the mystery that shrouds the world and its inhabitants is one that in simply engrossing. Throughout the issue a number of characters are introduced and you learn a lot about them although, like the world around them the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know. Of those characters featured in the book, they are pretty much all memorable, especially Helena who is a kicks operative with a really cool secret. In fact of all the characters, the only one that was disappointing was Lyle, who is basically your standard run of the mill douchebag.

Don Cardenas’ art is gritty and over the top and his style lends itself well to Dudley’s script.
The first page is absolutely terrifying and it sets the tone for a seemingly horror filled issue. However, Packs Of The Lowcountry is not simply a horror book, it very much blends a number of genres together and Cardenas’ art works well with pretty much all of these. That being said there are a few instances where the characters facial expressions are a little off and their bodies look a bit disproportionate.

Packs of The Lowcountry #1 is a book that will leave you with more questions than you had entering it and that is a great thing. The art is solid for the most part and the characters are believable and dynamic. If you are tired of the same old post apocalyptic storytelling or just love some scary looking werwolves, then Packs Of The Lowcountry #1 is the book for you.

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