Q2: The Return Of Quantum and Woody #1 Review

Posted October 16, 2014 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Christopher Priest
Art by: M.D. Bright
Publisher: Valiant Comics

Valiant is an interesting company. In the 90’s they were one of the biggest comic book publishers in the entire industry, but unfortunately couldn’t sustain their success. Fast forward to 2014 and Valiant has recently reinvigorated itself with the launch of a multitude of new series to industry wide acclaim.
But the 90’s, although sometimes given a bad rap, are a fun place to visit on occasion and that’s what Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody attempts to do. Speaking of 90’s and Valiant, this issue is brought to you by the original Quantum and Woody creative team of Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright. It’s really cool to see the characters creators take another swing at them over a decade later.
The story is set twenty years after Quantum and Woody’s last team up and also takes place in the same universe as the original series. It begins with a flashback in which Eric and Woody are going on a hike with two girls and come across a dead body. The interactions in these scenes are hilarious and are classic Quantum and Woody. Some drama is introduced as Woody seemingly kills a creepy guy who comes out of the woods but mixed in with the crude humour it feels a little forced and unnatural.

In the present day Quantum goes to the scene of a crime in progress and is ambushed by a criminal organization know as The Sword and ultimately gets tossed out a window and into an alley. That’s where he meets a very middle-aged Woody and it’s also revealed that the man behind the Quantum mask is not Eric Henderson but instead some other guy. However the strange reveals don’t end there as moments later a kid claiming to be The New Woody bursts onto the scene in a giant tank and takes old Woody and new Quantum to a secret underwater base. The interaction during this trip between old Woody and new Woody is hilarious and easily the highlight of the book.
Another great thing about the trip to the secret lair is that it presents the origin of Quantum and Woody in a natural yet effective way. The book also ends on a great cliffhanger involving the original Quantum(Eric Henderson) and really gives the reader a reason to buy the next issue.
M.D. Bright’s art is very 90’s and it fits perfectly with the aim of the issue. It’s over the top, clean and crisp if not a bit unspectacular.
Q2:The Return Of Quantum and Woody is a fun, 90’s style book that delivers on its promise of classic Quantum and Woody action with a spin. It solidly continues the recent trend of excellence we’ve come to expect for Valiant while also going in its own very different direction.

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