Rick and Morty #4 Review

Posted July 21, 2015 by Chris White in Comic Books

Written by: Zac Gorman

Art by: CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill

Publisher: Oni Press

Adult Swim has produced some of the best cartoons of the last fifteen years and Rick and Morty is no exception; in fact, I think it could quite possibly be one of the best. It embodies classic sci-fi that gently pays tribute to the best of the genre, but at the same time—between the dick and fart jokes, lies a story with heart and subtle appreciation for its audience—this comic is no exception. It doesn’t do anything different than the show, but it doesn’t really need to. I chose to read Oni Press’ comic because I love the show so much, and I don’t want to read something that follows a different path that the show.

In Rick and Morty #4, Morty is sent to spy on a small community of intergalactic war refugees that Rick has ‘rescued’ from certain doom—according to the anarchic buffoon that is Rick Sanchez. It’s funny—even sharing a brief fragment of emotion, but on the whole it is great adventure filled with original aliens and great one-liners. Zac Gorman’s style of writing is parallel to that of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, and brings some great jokes along the way. I laughed heartily when Rick revealed himself to be looking through the spy cam in Morty’s pants. Bug Butler was a bizarre and great addition also and on the whole, I enjoyed every page.

CJ Cannon and Ryan Hill brought the story to life and gave the characters and setting a thumping presence on the pages, highlighting the vibrancy of the zany story and adding shading and lighting to the quieter scenes—helping to calm the pace when necessary.

Overall, Rick and Morty #4 is everything you’re probably expecting—in a good way. The short story at the end that is centered around Jerry adds the cherry on top as well. I’d definitely suggest you buy this if you are a fan of the two loveable idiots because it embodies everything that is great about the Adult Swim show. Rick and Morty is here to stay, so I suggest that you become acquainted with it.

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