Rumble #1 Review

Written by: John Arcudi

Art by: James Harren

Publisher: Image

Billed as a “Louis C.K. sketch directed by David Fincher” Rumble #1 is a brilliantly fun début that manages to mix some huge cosmic ideas with a very grounded and funny story. It’s a really strong star to a comic that’s simply bursting with personality.

The book’s art style is its most impressive feature as it is heavily stylised and carries with it an epic scope but maintains a lot of character. The opening pages for example feature some truly breath-taking scenery that features some beautiful colours from Dave Stewart which begin the book on a grand tone. This however gives way to a very gritty and real urban city which completely caught me off guard but still impressed me. I’m not usually a fan of gritty, real settings, but Harren and Stewart blast some real life and energy into the location that it manages to still feel really fresh and generate a lot of fun.

The art looks even better when it comes to the characters and action. Everyone is just so expressive and their personalities really come through in the art. The action too looks incredible in motion, the exaggerated style serving this really well as every moment feels incredibly exciting and as if something really awesome is happening. The styling actually reminds me a lot of more action-orientated anime; lots of big swords, monsters and really exaggerated character designs. It’s a perfect fit for the book and a lot of the strength of the issue lies here.

The story is a little light but still has a lot of humours moments and enough fun that it can stand alongside the beautiful art. It’s pretty hard to tell where the story is going from here, but I did find myself laughing at a lot of the lines and found the main character likeable enough that I cared about him and the story. It’ll take at least another issue to see where the story is going, but right now it’s entertaining enough, but it’s clear the art is the main drawn.

Overall, this was a really impressive début issue that managed to carve out a style of its own while still being a lot of fun. I really appreciate when comics decide not to take themselves too seriously and just be a blast to read, so if you’re into that sort of thing then this is definitely one you should check out.