Scarlet #1 Review

Posted August 29, 2018 by Jacqueline Juretus in Comic Books

Created by: Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Design by: Curtis King Jr.

Publisher: Alisa Bendis, DC Comics

Great comics throughout history have always shown a mirror up to the current events of the world.  Scarlet #1 is no different as it highlights certain issues taking place in the US today and takes it to the extreme.

The writing and dialogue is highly intriguing as there is a nice balance between action and commentary.  Despite being a complex story, the book is a quick read with great pacing.  Scarlet herself is an interesting, unique character as she constantly goes on despite her doubts and breaks the 4th wall to the reader a few times divulging her rapid stream of consciousness in a chaotic climate.  This comic, while accessible to newbies, will make readers want to read the earlier Scarlet run just to get more.

Sketchy yet realistic artwork matches and sets the vibe of Scarlet perfectly.  Beautiful splashes and appropriate panel layouts work great to convey a well paced, emotional tale.  The use of Iva to model Scarlet really helps bring the character to life and to connect with the reader.  The only sour note of the visuals, and it’s a minor nitpick, is that the sound effects lettering is bland and clashes a bit with the art.  It’s never enough though to ruin anything and most readers will gloss over that.

Scarlet #1 is definitely one for the pull list. Enjoy!

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