Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #1 Review

Written by: Mike Johnson

Art by: Angel Hernández

Publisher: IDW

I can’t help but be drawn in by a good crossover. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the crossover may be, if two things I like are joining forces or throwing down then I’m there. Thankfully today’s crossover though is one that I both want to see (despite being a much bigger Green Lantern than Star Trek fan) and one that makes sense in the realm of feasibility, with both series being grand sci-fi epics with smug yet likeable heroes both being played by Chris Pine (well he hasn’t been confirmed as Hal Jordan yet, but man that would make this crossover pretty hilarious). There’s a lot of potential for fun sci-fi action in this series, and while this opening may be a little short and slow, it’s still a solid introduction that should appeal to fans of both series.

The issue starts pretty strongly with the reader being thrown straight into a cataclysmic situation for the Corps, or at least what’s left of them. It’s a very gripping intro that hooked me in on the story, however it’s not very new reader friendly. There’s no real introduction to the mythos of the corps or who Ganthet is or anything like that, it’s not a huge deal breaker as I’m sure anyone wanting to read this crossover will already know this stuff and so will not need an explanation, but it’s a bit weird to me nonetheless. Despite the Green Lantern centered opening, the story really gets going when the enterprise crew discover the dead corpse of mogo as well as Ganthet and the lantern rings. I will admit to a giddy sense of glee at seeing the Star Trek crew come in contact with the Lantern rings and elements of those books which instantly offer up a ton of great moments and a lot of fun.  The unfortunate thing however is that the book ends right as the plot kicks into gear. There’s a great sense of suspense and build up to the book which has a first pump moment at the end, however just as I was ready for the crossover to fully begin and the story to race on ahead I found that the comic was actually over. I kind of wish this had been a double sized opening issue, as while the build-up and pay-off is great, the fact that it ends right there is quite frustrating as the story had just found his groove. I suppose it’s one way to get me to come back next issue though.

One thing I’m sure will disappoint some people is that fact that it’s the new movie crew staring in this series rather than the original cast. While I don’t mind this as I’m not the biggest Trek fan and had fun with the reboot (Into Darkness less so) it did lead to a weird thing with the art that put me off a bit. Overall, the art is pretty fantastic, it captures the epic setting of space perfectly and everything looks big and important, fitting of the crossover. However, Hernandez goes for a photorealistic look for the enterprise crew which initially looked really weird to me. I only saw the actors rather than the characters and they really stuck out among the other comic characters. By the end of the book I’d gotten used to this however, but still it was a weird thing that initially put me off as they felt a bit stiff compared to everything else. It definitely improves by the end though, so future issues shouldn’t suffer from this problem.

Overall though, there’s a lot of potential for this series. This issue features an intriguing introduction to the plot and some fan pleasing moments, I wish it was a little longer in order to get the plot moving, but that’s always going to be the case with the first issue of a crossover. This is definitely worth buying if you’re a Green Lantern and Star Trek fan and contains all the sort of nods and references you’d expect from such an event.