Superman #20 Review

Posted April 5, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

Art by: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC Comics

Calm before the storm!

Superman returns where it is most interesting Family dynamic.

Gleason and Tomasi at the beginning took an approach to this book that was the same as bringing Batman and Robin to the forefront in the New 52 days. The book is about the relationships and most of the conflict that happens is to progress the story of the family dynamic itself. That is exactly what we have here with this issue of Superman.

The Kent family needs to take a decision about what to do after the shattering events of Superman Reborn story, but they are given some news from their allies that not everything is the way it looks in their little corner of the world. Tomasi and Gleason handle both Kent and Wane families and show their differences even in smallest of places. It is written expertly and it truly will bring a major shift to Superman books as well DC universe as a whole.

Gleason yet again returns to the artist duties. His elegance and grace is yet again on display here. Again this issue is not at all about the bombastic action so everything is based on a character portrayals and their relationships. There are several panels here where Gleason surprises me yet again with how he handles facial expressions. Keep an eye on Lois’ panel where she picks up the mail, its subtle but beautiful nonetheless.

Superman is looking to enter a new era very shortly and it looks like our creative team is here to stay at least for now and it’s going to be interesting where Clark Lois and Jon’s story goes from now. They have tried to isolate themselves from the problems but it looks like problems seem to find them at every corner. They will have to find a will to face them without breaking their family bond. During a conversation between Bruce and Clark in this issue there is a little conversation about light and darkness which defines both of these characters and it was done expertly.

Overall Superman continues to be the best book next to Wonder Woman and Batman. It has been a good while since we had a good books in all of the Trinity, but we as fans have deserved it!

Superman #20

Superman #20


Final Score

9.4 /10


  • Batman/Superman dynamic
  • Everyone's afraid of Lois!
  • References to Super Sons
  • New mystery threat
  • Art as usual!

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