Superman #22 Review

Posted May 3, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

Drawn by: Doug Manhke

Publisher: DC Comics

Superman continues to be a story about family and everything that makes Lois, Jon, and Clark the same as all of us.

Tomasi and Gleason are continuing the masterful weaving of the net around our favorite super family. This time the issue concentrates mostly on Lois as she uses her investigative skills to find out what exactly happened in the previous chapter. The book reads almost as an episode of the Twilight Zone, as there is a real sense of horror and dread with each clue found.

You can tell Tomasi has really developed these characters throughout this run as not everyone needs to be present for the issue to be compelling. Each character is interesting in his/her own merit, and this is Lois’s time in a spotlight. And it’s handled really well! Lois is not just another damsel in distress, which is always a fresh perspective.

Doug Manhke mans the artist spot here with Gleason taking a break for the one story-line. His grimy and dark style fits this book perfectly selling the horror over classic Superman. It is always nice to see the formula changed up.

Manhke is more concerned with situational ambiance and relaying the emotions of what exactly is going on through Lois’s eyes versus concentrating on the main action that is going to be somewhere else. It just another puzzle piece that really started at Superman Rebirth, when this book launched.

Superman so far has been on top of its game, interconnecting some of the 90’s villains, paying homage to late artists, and introducing a new dynamic to the mythos. It did all of that with such ease and grace, making it one of the must-read books of the launch.

Superman 22 continues that tradition with yet another knot in a web of what actually interconnects the Rebirth Superman from the New 52 one, and it looks like no stone will be unturned. If you haven’t yet, this is the book to have in your pull for sure!

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