Superman #27 Review

Posted July 20, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Art by: Scott Godlewski

Publisher: DC Comics

What is the best way to get an American history lesson you ask? Read a Superman comic!

Superman #27 finally delivers on the promise of a road trip that the Kent family deserve, where they decide to take a trip across America to some of its most important historic monuments. Tomasi and Gleason use this issue to have Jon understand what values his father strives for and why what he does is just as important as the way he does it. With the Black Dawn story finally ending, this seemed like a first time to take this respite, and both Gleason and Tomasi show the good and bad of American culture.

Even though we’re not starting a new, huge story-line, and even though this issue is not as bombastic as some before it, it’s still very important in its own right. Superman returns to his roots, when comics were simpler and not everything had to be about an event or a giant battle. This issue is about a family bonding, about instilling values in Superboy, and after the recent events this is a perfect time to address these issues.

We have a guest artist on this issue again as neither Gleason nor Manhke took up the art duties. Godlewski’s art works well here but is not as refined as the other two artists. What it does however, is fit this book and the story that it is trying to tell. Sometimes that is more important than consistency in the style. Godlewski manages to convey just how much Jon was looking forward to this trip and is really good at expressing his joy as they see the historic scenes, as well as confusion–but not disdain–when they get to the restaurant. The art is different, but it never breaks character.

After multiple story arcs of Superman where he battles his old enemies, it is nice to see it go back to what it made a Rebirth arc such a success story. That wasn’t any villains or dangers Supes faced, it was the family and the values that both Clark and Lois are trying to instill in their son. This whole arc seems to be trying to make Jon in a better hero than Clark ever was ,and in a sense serves, as a mirror story of what Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason did with Batman and Robin’s Bruce/Damian relationship.

So if Superman is not on your pull, it should be as the creative team really understands these characters and brings their best qualities to light!

Superman #27

Superman #27


Final Score

8.5 /10


  • Family Bonding!
  • Great use of historic monuments
  • Timely story-telling


  • Gleason's art could be better for this arc
  • Ultimately it is a filler chapter

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