Superman #35 Review

Posted November 15, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

Art by: Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Travis Moore

Published by: DC Comics

Fight for the heart of Apokolips begins and Superboy meets some new friends!

Tomasi and Gleason truly escalate matters in this particular issue. We are reintroduced to some familiar faces, but it is again the family drama that takes precedent here. Unlike the previous chapters of this arc, this particular issue is not focused on one member of Kent family, and it really manages to tell and intertwining story that looks like it will be coming to a head in the next issue.

This issue also brings back one of the other new gods we haven’t seen in Rebirth. His involvement in this story adds more gravitas to the situation at hand, and Tomasi and Gleason truly give this character lot more menace than he ever received since early Kirby days. The best part of this chapter is the humor that the writers are able to bring. There isn’t so much a point that’s fun but rather the entire issue is fun. The creative team understand the character of Superman and how he should behave, but moreover, how everyone around him should behave. It is that knowledge that makes this book a true standout, even when the overall story is kind of lacking.

Because in a way, this chapters felt a bit like filler as it would be hard to see where Superman would take the mantle that was tasked for him.

Segovia, Thibert, and Moore bring Apokolips to life in such a way that it is never boring. The main characters are very well developed which is to be expected, yet the story shines in the details, especially those given to the lesser characters

Superman continues to be one of the premier titles of the Rebirth line. This particular arc is both entertaining and filled with weight, despite some filler problems. That being said it is relatively fun and certainly better than some books recently in Superman line.

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