Superman#45 Review

Posted April 18, 2018 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason

Art by: Patrick Gleason

Published by: DC Comics

This is a proper send off to one of the greatest Superman arcs in modern times, and it’s done in a small way: The Kents are saying goodbye to Hamilton with one more visit to the Hamilton Fair.

It is a bittersweet moment for them; despite all the hardships that have happened to them in that town, it’s still the town where John grew up. Hamilton is where Superman learned to be Superman again. This is a last issue for one of the best Superman teams in modern times. What Tomasi and Gleason did here is made Superman relevant again. Their focus on family, to what the Kents mean to each other, to Hamilton, and to rest of the world is so clearly evident here, and as Action Comics 1000 did this week as well, it celebrates the Superman as a beacon of hope.

The best part about it though is it never forgets all of the arcs that came before it. Tomasi and Gleason give us small Easter eggs throughout the issue to keep us entertained without playing “aha gotcha” games.

There is no overreaching great finale her. The issue is about family, about community, and not about some interstellar threat that will create a new conflict for the Superman and his family. It is that focus that made this Superman run so successful, at least in my eyes. It was always rooted in reality, it was rooted in true genuine threat, because we all have people we care about and we all have people we don’t want to see hurt.

Superman 45 is a fantastic way to finish an arc, both an ending and a new beginning in a new town that will now have this amazing family protecting it.

Thank you Tomasi and Gleason for making me believe a man can fly, that a boy can be faster than a speeding bullet, and to all of our readers: UP UP AND AWAY!

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