The Mighty Thor #700 Review

Posted October 20, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written by: Jason Aaron

Art by: Olivier Coipel, Andrew Maclean, Walt Simonson, Becky Cloonan

Published by: Marvel Comics

The Mighty Thor #700 is coming at us with a series of tales in one issue with the Odinson fighting against the forces of Malekith at the base of the world tree. Jane Foster throws down with an enraged She-Hulk, and we even check in with Throg and Loki to see what they’ve been up to. Oh, and Volstagg, a corrupted Galactus. Ego too!

The latest issue of The Mighty Thor is in all honesty, a bit scattered. While Jane Foster and Odinson are the best parts, the others intermingle with the flow. Odinson is at the roots of the world tree as he defends it from the forces of Malekith. Odinson is probably the most interesting part of the comic, as it’s the part that’s going to have the biggest impact on the series going forward and sets up the narrative for the rest of the issue.

Meanwhile, the narrative begins to tell several different stories starting with Jane Foster, a story it makes sure to remind you has been told many time…just not this way. In route to her cancer treatment, Jane has a convenient run in with Jennifer Walters, who is raging out on a hospital bed before she hulks out and the two must do battle. While this battle is short due to the narrative weaving in and out of the fight, we get another glimpse of how she works together with Mjolnir and how vulnerable she is without.

The stories told in between the two Thor’s dilemmas aren’t much to talk about. We see Throg, who patrols the park for the Rat Mafia and comes upon a murder. His story is just silly as he finds the culprit with the help of a feathered witness and proceeds to pummel him until he turns himself in. The most important part of Throg’s involvement however is that he happens upon Jane at the end of her battle with She-Hulk and lends his helping hand.

Then we’re taken back in the past as the story teller proceeds to tell of us a younger Thor and his trials of lifting the hammer. After that we’re propelled into a far off future where Thor has become king and his daughters are busy arguing with one another about what to do about the weather. Meanwhile, King Thor has created Man, conveniently named Steve and Jane. They ask him of their purpose with which he answers them as best as he can.

Another story placed in this future is that of Galactus and the necrosword. We see a corrupted Galactus cutting and devouring planets stating they must die. Ego however, has a different idea and confronts Galactus eventually killing him and eating him. It’s a pointless diversion that doesn’t seem to have any bearing on what the Thors are up to outside of the fact that Loki seems to be watching the event unfold.

Finally, there’s a very small intermission where Loki and his father, Laufey are returning from a meet that turned out to be an ambush. Laufey proceeds to demean Loki until he passes out.

At the end of all these stories, the narrator apologizes for having to leave and we finally see Volstagg who has been reunited with the Ultimate Thors hammer once again and doning the mantle of War Thor. It takes him to Old Asgard where Toothgnasher appears to attack him. However, an old threat has emerged and after making quick work of Toothgnasher, the War Thor prepares to do battle and the issue ends.

What bothered me most about this issue is the art work. The three main characters all have wonderfully drawn portions, especially Jane’s. However, the smaller stories that weave in and out of the main events of the books are all over the place. Throg’s looks like a child’s story whereas Loki’s portions of the issue were easily my least favorite.

Outside of feeling scattered with all the different stories being told at once, The Mighty Thor #700 sets up a few different important plots going forward. The Nornkeep was lost despite Odinson’s best efforts freeing everyone from their fates, there’s an unknown threat which Odinson must protect Jane from, and another that has risen from the ruins of Old Asgard swearing to take down the gods.

The Thors are stretched fighting a war on many different fronts and its going to be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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