This Damned Band #2 Review

Posted September 7, 2015 by Chris White in Comic Books

Written by: Paul Cornell

Art by: Tony Parker & Lovern Kindzierski

Publisher: Dark Horse

Dark Horse can’t go wrong at the minute; there have been some fantastic series this year, and This Damned Band is the cherry on top. Not only does the story feel naturally progressive in the issue, it fleshes out the characters and gives them more of a purpose. If you thought the first issue was pure anarchic amusement, you haven’t seen anything yet. This Damned Band #2 starts off where issue 1 left off; after a horrific drug-fuelled trip, the band are left questioning whether they did actually see the devil, or wondering if it was just part of the hallucinogenic chaos that ensued as part of their gluttonous desire.

There is time now to let the story ease up a little and introduce us to the characters at the heart of it. Paul Cornell gives us an insight into the cost of being a rock star through the troubles of Alex, and Clive’s pride and passion struggle to keep Motherfather focused after a dispute with the live album’s artwork. As they arrive in Australia, the band’s drug problems are actually highlighted as a negative by one of the groupies, and after over an issue and a half, Paul is starting to show a darker side to the story. In no way does This Damned Band need to venture down that road, but it helps to keep the characters interesting; after all, the best kind of comedy has elements of sorrow within.

Yet again, Tony Parker has illustrated This Damned Band meticulously; there is so much detail in the character’s faces and expressions that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Tony also gets a chance to try out a completely different style of drawing. If I said manga would you be surprised? It’s a refreshing take on the colourful and zany world of Motherfather and does its best at bringing another fun look at the larger than life story. The swinging sixties are brought to life through the outfits, and the colour that Lovern brings to each panel is superb. I adore the rainbow clad artwork of This Damned Band #2 and I hope this series can carry it on forever.

This Damned Band #2 brings a fantastic new dynamic to the story and opens up the characters for all to see—their weakness, their fears, and their souls. With a surprising ending and a lack of the supernatural, the next issue will have a lot to explore and as the series moves forward, it’s sure to deliver.

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