Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody #1 Review

Posted December 4, 2014 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Tim Siedell and James Asmus

Art by: Pere Pérez and Brian Level

Publisher: Valiant

Quantum and Woody #12 concluded the hilariously amazing Quantum and Woody series, but did not really seem like an ending to the series. Thankfully as much as their first series is over, Quantum and Woody’s journey continues in the form of Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody #1, an extra sized one shot, full to the brim with comedy and surprisingly touching moments.

The story revolves around Quantum and Woody teaming up with Thomas Edison to save the world from a giant meteor, using interdimensional travel. Yep you read that right. The quirkiness and strange, but awesome twists are what have made Quantum and Woody such a stand out series. However as this issue is marketed as a one shot it is a little misleading and not very open to new readers. That being said, longtime readers of the series will find this issue to be right in line with the quality of the previous twelve issues, and is this reviewers favourite issue.

This issue is written by Tim Siedell and series writer James Asmus, although surprisingly enough, Siedell is the one who pens the majority of it. Thankfully Siedell’s writing style fits the tone of Quantum and Woody perfectly. This is by far one of the funniest books I have read and the jokes range from North Korean politics and super powered oven mitts to Christmas and Thomas Edison. The best part of this issue involves cross dimensional travel and the creation of the nicest super villain in the history of comics, Turkeyman/Phoenix-man. Oh and he’s actually The Woody of another dimension. Thankfully the ending of this issue is such that cements that Turkeyman-Woody will appear again in Quantum and Woody comics soon. Asmus’ portion of the book is short but heartwarming and hilarious in its own rite. It’s simple and involves Eric and Woody sitting on the couch and there interactions are hilarious. Also his story is Christmas themed, which adds a nice touch to the comic.

Pere Pérez and Brian Level handle the art duties and they although they have different styles, they both fit well with the portion of the book which they draw. Pérez draws the first few stories in this issue and his art is clean and crisp, and accentuates the comedy written by Siedall and Asmus. On another note he also draws a great Kim Jung Un. Level’s art is visibly less clean and much darker. He draws the part of the book featuring Turkeyman and he draws him like a dark and gritty villain but since he is nothing like most super villains, this dark portrayal accentuates the comedy and really brings this aspect of the book to fever pitch levels.

Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody #1 is a hilarious adventure that picks up right where Quantum and Woody #12 left off and while it’s not exactly accessible for new readers it still succeeds in being one of the best comedic comic issues in recent memory. Also fans of the series and the one shot can breathe easily, as Quantum and Woody will return in January in a new series and one thing is for sure it’s gonna be hilarious.

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