X-Men: Blue #2 Review

Posted April 27, 2017 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Art by: Jorge Molina

Publisher: Marvel

X-Men was always my favorite team book. There was something about watching characters develop and play off each other that really appealed to me. Other team books like The Avengers seemed to leave all the character development to their character’s solo books, with their team outings being action-packed extravaganzas instead. Recently though, it feels a lot like X-Men books were doing the same thing, and leaving the team aspect behind.

X-Men Blue doesn’t just bring back the original five, but also the focus on the team. The relationships between all the characters are compelling, and they leave me wanting more.

Every member of the team is carving out their own personalities and avoiding the trap that other team books fall into, where members of the cast can be used interchangeably. The book is also avoiding feeling too similar to the other X-Men series, which could be difficult considering the similarity of the cast. The biggest differences stem from Jean taking more of a leadership role and of course that instead of Xavier, Magneto is controlling the team. With the hint last issue that a Wolverine might be joining the cast, the cast dynamics can only get better. Although for those that were hoping to see more of the Wolverine, sadly he doesn’t make another appearance in #2.

Plot-wise, things seem to being going pretty slowly. Bunn is taking his time establishing a variety of plot points without actually delving deep into any of them. There’s a new Wolverine to worry about, Magneto’s secret plans for the team, Hank’s magical problems, Bobby’s relationship troubles, and of course, Sentinel attacks. This is all without counting all the teases at the end of the first issue. There’s a lot of pieces in play, although none seem to moving at the moment. While this might be off-putting to some, I think the focus on character for the first couple issues is a good idea. It’ll make the troubles the team will run into more gripping. I just hope Bunn doesn’t wait too long.

In my review for X-Men: Blue #1, I was excited for the series, but I also left a warning to wait and see if Cullen Bunn could give the concept justice. With Issue 2, Bunn has made it clear he knows exactly what he’s doing, and what he is doing is so so good.


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