Batman #23 Review

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Mitch Gerards

Publisher: DC Comics

After turmoil of the events that have preceded it this issue takes a break in a lieu of what happened.

Tom King knows how to make even a single issue stories into events as evident in this issue. Even though it has a bit more exposition that one could say it needs, the key parts of the story are told with care and imagination. This particular issue brings both to the forefront and King here is joined by the person that helped him out with the other one short story told “Rooftops” which was one of the best Batman stories told in very long time.

Batman here is joined by someone that he usually does not partner with, and seeing that particular character already had one on one with Superman before it is only fitting that it is Batman’s turn next. This story starts as a simple detective story and it slowly turns into something very personal for both characters. It is executed with good pace even though at moments it can get a bit wordy.

Mitch Gerards it he artist behind this issue and Rooftops and his noir style is only thing I could see bring this particular moldy character back to life in DC. I would love to see a solo series of that character drawn by Mitch, I believe he would be a perfect fit! In this particular issue he handles it so well, and the first reveal of that character, in one word is beautiful.

This issue like other Gerard’s work is full of attitude full of emotional impact that we learned to expect from a Batman book. And if you are going to take Finch off the book for rest, there is absolutely no better person to take over the book. It would be interesting to see how he would handle full duties of an arc on a book like this, but knowing that Gerards pencils,inks and colors his own stuff it is understandable why it could be troublesome.

Batman 23 is a welcome respite from banging back to back stories we had for the past 20+ issues and before we delve into what is shaping up to be yet another big arc. Between King writing his very measured and personal Batman story, and Gerard’s wonderful art there is not a better way to have that respite!

Batman continues to be a book to pick up in this Rebirth era, it is full of twists and turns, and as evident even when not a huge arc is going on its still very interesting if not even better as it is not constrained by having to tie a ton of loose ends and is a fitting tribute to late Bernie Wrightson.