Teen Titans #8 Review

Written by: Benjamin Percy, Dan Abnett, Christopher Priest

Art by: Khoi Pham

Publisher: DC Comics

They were not kidding when they said this book could have implications on entire DC universe!

Lazarus contract is shaping up to be one of the coolest crossovers in recent history. The premise is simple, but the execution and the small things that happen in the book are what propel this story in irreverent status. Percy Abnett and Priest took extreme care here not to copy Judas Contract and while echoes of that book are here, this is certainly it’s own book and that is a great thing.

This story entails Deathstroke pretty much trying to create his own Flashpoint but consequences could be greater than what any of our heroes expected. There is a careful balancing act done here between the Titans and Teen Titans as both teams have their own way of dealing with the situation. This being the first time those team interacted since beginning of Rebirth makes it a momentous occasion and to no one surprise Damian tries to take control of both teams. There is a lot of fantastic dynamic between the teams and Deathstroke, and actually having the writer team from each book on this crossover really helps the matter!

Art here is done by Khoi Pham the regular penciller on the Teen Titans book and I am eternally grateful they did not try to make this into Image united where every artist would draw his own character. The book’s art is balanced very well and Pham has been really good on Teen Titans, even though some of the action sequences do look a little bit out of place. His character moments and static shots look amazing however.

Pham is a good fit for the Titans book and his work on Deathstroke/Wally West dynamic really worked wonders and brought the book to that next level. The final panel was also handled with great intensity as it truly changes of dynamic now.

Lazarus Contract is shaping to be as important event as the Button, even though some could say certain events are taking place too fast, but needless to say it is going to be very interesting where this book ends up.

Teen Titans continues to be a fun book, and definite course correction from its new 52 counterpart. It has focus, sense of purpose, but most of all sense of family that the book lacked in New 52 era. It is a good time to be a Titans fan!