Batman/Superman #12 Review

Time travel anyone? Batman Superman issue twelve focused around it, and with it came some tears, smiles, and even an “oh man, what now?” feeling.

We begin this issue with the return of Kaiyo, goddess of chaos. Not sure who she is? That’s okay, because Pak does an amazing job with recaps in this issue. He touches back to the start of the series, the middle, and present day, all within the first few pages. Kaiyo thinks it’s time to test good old Batman and Superman, and throws them to the Earth 2 world seconds before the attack of Darkseid’s parademons. She gives the duo each one chance to change the outcome of things. An outcome, that leaves most, and I really mean most, of our heroes destroyed or missing. This of course is where the tears come in to play. Kaiyo starts throwing all sorts of loved ones, for Batman too, in danger and seeing what her new play things will or will not prevent from happening. Real nice, right?

This issue has everything you would want in a comic. It has smart conversation, it is packed to the max with action. It is heartwarming and it is heart wrenching! Pak gave me all that I look for when reading a comic. I one hundred percent enjoyed seeing these two best friends dealing with this horrible, unstoppable situation. Raney also completely delivered. He gave me the characters that I know and love, and kept them to their physical standards. He remained detailed with every single frame, and never slacked off in any stroke.

Do I want to laugh, and cry, and feel like I walked away stressing out about fictional characters? Absolutely! If you do too, pick up Batman Superman #12, you will not be disappointed.