Batman/Superman #13 Review

Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Jae Lee

Publisher: DC

This was quite a fun issue. There were definitely a lot more strengths than weaknesses and really started this new arc off with a bang. The only annoyance is that we have the whole Futures End September to get in the way next month from continuing this promising plot.

Ok, so we have this story where Batman and Superman have lost their memories hence the end of the last issue. And what we have is a really well written issue with two Superheroes who don’t know who they are.

There were some really fun moments mostly from Batman trying to figure out who he is, and it does appear if you look at his story from a blank slate that he does have a pretty good life, but this is the positive of not having a memory full of past experiences as we find out. But what was interesting was that without these past experiences Batman was just having fun, he had none of the memory of the death of his parents or past battles with any of his Rogues gallery, apart from the suit for him there is no difference between Batman and Bruce Wayne, there is no act as Bruce Wayne. Superman on the other hand was who he is, plain and simple he got on with what he needed to do and it was inherent for him to try and save Selina and Lois without even knowing who they were, who he was and what abilities he had.

I was also a big fan of the art in this issue. I know there were lots of complaints with the initial arc and though I was a fan, I think this issue was much better than the first few issues in this series. Gotham looked amazing in my opinion and I was particularly impressed with a lot of the action sequences.

I think this was a great start to a new (or continuing arc) that not only was fun to read but looked fantastic too. I have had times when I thought about not picking up this series, but then comes an issue like this which delivers in every aspect that makes you want to continue reading. Now we just have to wait 2 months for another issue to see if this level of quality can be sustained!!