Bonehead #1 Review

Written by: Bryan Edward Hill

Art By: Rhoald Marcellius

Published by: Image Comics/Top Cow

In the world of Bone Head, gangs roam around a technologically advanced megalopolis in V.R. headsets known as “Bone Heads” that grant them enhanced abilities. We meet the silent protagonist known as “56” at the tail end of the city’s drone rush in the “Chrome” district as he begins the trial run of his new Bone Head headset and just generally gets into a lot of trouble with it. What I liked about this comic was that its a fun issue filled with a lot of energy as 56 uses his Bone Head to parkour around the city and show off his skills. 56 also manages to remain quite a mystery due to his status as the silent protagonist. He only chirps and emotes with his Bone Head, leaving his handler Aleph to do most of the talking throughout this issue.

It actually reminds me heavily of Mirror’s Edge; just swap out Faith and her dystopian corporate run world for a mysterious masked character and his sci-fi world full of blue and gray. The two protagonists even have a similar color scheme. The action is wonderful to see as 56 leaps and bounds his way across the city thanks to his Bone Head, and there is one scene that actually had my adrenaline pumping.

It’s through 56’s actions that we get some insights into how the city operates and are introduced to some of the various factions that exist within it, like the Gladiators, the city’s police force, and the various gangs that battle within the megalopolis. The fight scenes are also top notch, serving as another reminder (for me anyway) of Mirror’s Edge as 56 incorporates parkour skills into his fighting style.

The art is great, and I really enjoyed the character designs for everyone involved except the Gladiator, who honestly just looks like he has the same fashion sense as General M. Bison from the Street Fighter series.

The backgrounds are detailed and full of life, but I never found them distracting enough to take me away from the action up front. With the exception of one character, there’s not much where facial features are concerned as everyone in the city is wearing their own V.R. headset, but Marcellius does a great job at making each person you see feel unique. 56’s cool design is also one of the things that originally attracted me to Bone Head in the first place.

I really feel that Bone Head has a lot going for where the art and action is concerned, but the story needs just a little more fleshing out. The writing doesn’t reveal a whole lot but does bring up some questions which we can expect answers to later on down the road, and it sets up some events that I’m sure we can all look forward to if the story holds up.

I can whole heartily say though, that if you’re looking for a new sci-fi comic series that promises a lot of action, then Bone Head is off to a very promising start. Hell, I think I’m in love with it honestly.