Bryan’s 50 Favorite Games Ever (30-21)

This weeks’ list continues going from number 30 down to number 21.


Number 30. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. A  gorgeous open world, with tons of vertical space to make the area feel even bigger. Actually getting to fight Dragons is pretty great the first few times. Loved Skyrim.








Number 29. Pokemon Blue. The game was a completionist’s dream, as it took forever to get all 150 Pokemon. I’ve played through Blue a dozen times including beating the Elite Four with nothing but a team of 6 Rattatta. I chose Blue over Red because it featured the coolest Pokemon in the game Squirtle.












Number 28 is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. The game was fantastic. The game has a story that spans across millennia and blends puzzles with decent action gameplay. The highlight of the game is the sanity meter. As it drains you’ll start seeing things like a fly on the inside of your tv screen, the room appearing upside down, and various other things.


Number 27 is Shadow of the Colossus. Fighting epic bosses that are the size of buildings is powerful stuff, but what means more is that the Colossi generally aren’t initially aggressive. You almost feel bad for taking one out, but it has to be done to save your dead-ish lady love.









Number 26 goes to Chrono Cross. A fantastic tale of Serge a man who should have died that takes place across two worlds. Impressively despite having dozens of characters the story manages to be good and the vast majority of characters are interesting. Great boss fights and a good combat system help make this game still great today.

The world of Chrono Cross

The world of Chrono Cross









Number 25 is Civilization 5. Changing from squares to hexagons made you have to defend more cleverly, as did the change to how archers work. Any game where you can cut your teeth as an amateur world ruler is good in my book.










Number 24 is Doom. Doom perfected early FPS games and is still fun to play today. Taking back Mars from the denizens of hell is one of the lasting memories of my childhood.










Number 23 is Metroid Prime. Prime was one of the reasons I got a Gamecube. Getting to play a classic Metroid game in 3d was one of the coolest things ever.

Metroid Prime 01








Spot 22 is for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. “What is a man?” Castlevania: Symphony of the Night makes up for it’s terribly cheesy dialog by switching the classic Castlevania formula into a Super Metroid-esque game while adding RPG elements. A large map to explore, dozens of weapons, and challenging bosses make this game memorable.

This fight was annoying. Especially the Werewolf

This fight was annoying. Especially the Werewolf










The last spot of the day, number 21 goes to Final Fantasy 9. Zidane, Vivi, Dagger, and the teams adventure hearkened back to the older FF games and stayed true to its fantasy roots. Kuja is a memorable and crazy villain. If it weren’t the little brother to Final Fantasy 6 and 7, it would probably be higher on many people’s lists.