Two New Killzone Shadow Fall Maps Out Today

Continuing their trend of regularly dropping free multiplayer maps, Guerrilla Games announced on the PlayStation Blog that two new Killzone Shadow Fall maps would be dropping today. The first map, Terminal, sees the players brought to “the vast partition wall on the New Helghan side of No Man’s Land”. It is described as “Part defense facility, part prison complex” and will require players to avoid the constant stream of trains running through at “breakneck speed”.




The second map, Stormgracht, is a “maze of broken and discarded junk that the floodwaters have washed down over the years”, set in the toxic industrial area of New Helghan. The maps key feature, ancient spillway gates, can be opened by players causing a raging torrent that will “destroy anything and everyone in its path” and affect the landscape and gameplay of the map.