Clone #20 Review

Written by: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre

Art by: Juan Jose Ryp

Publisher: Image


I don’t want a hiatus!

It was revealed recently that Clone would be ending this issue, but fear not people, it is just going on hiatus for the foreseeable future as per the message from the creators in this issue. Furthermore, David Schulner confirmed it’s not over on his Twitter page.

Whether it is finished or not, this issue was great. It had everything from emotional revelations to fast pace action packed dialogue and visuals. It was a really gripping ending to what has been a really great run with perhaps only a couple of less than amazing issues.

What was most impressive about this series so far, and hopefully in the future, is the consistency and this is more impressive as the book has had three writers. The fact that I cannot tell who writes what from issue to issue and page to page is so impressive and hopefully this can be a catalyst for the future with other creative teams.

Back to the story at hand this issue picked up exactly where the last issue ended with tattooed Luke having planted the bomb in the Reverend’s office only to see baby Luke and Amelia go in to the office. It’s fairly obvious what follows but how it plays out was surprisingly satisfying. The rest of the issue was the female Luke’s trying to get them on a plane back to their island. This second half of the issue was superb and the conversation between one of the female Luke’s and her “father” felt like a real turning point in the series that the fans of the book would be shouting at the pages “FINALLY”.  However, the twist at the end was truly shocking and really left this series wide open to what can come next and making this fan genuinely sad that there is no clue when this series will be returning.

Back to the positives, Juan Jose Ryp did it again. This was another stunning issue visualising and creating this fast paced environment with superb detail and emotion depiction. The scenes at the start of the issue, with tattooed Luke, were drawn superbly and the scene would not have been able to achieve this with any other artist.

So that is it for the time being, temporarily concluding on another fantastic issue, this creative team has done wonders over the past couple of years. So far this series has produced excitement, horror, suspense, action, and above all it was a tale of a loving husband and father. Let’s hope this is not the last we have seen of these characters and that sometime in the future we are once again treated to the stunning visuals and fast pace narrative that has been served. Plus, please don’t end a series on a cliffhanger like that!!!