The Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes #1 Review

Written by: Grant Morrison

Art by: Chris Sprouse

Publisher: DC

The Multiveristy is a tricky beast of a series to deal with. It’s not quite an event, but not quite a miniseries. Instead we have a series of one-shots bookended by two connected issues. After finally getting that first bookend after a many years long wait, we’re onto the second entry and first one-shot of the series. In this series writer Grant Morrison, and artist Chris Sprouse bring us the Society of Super-Heroes, a team made of characters such as Doc Fate, the Mighty Atom, Abin Sur, the Immortal Man, and Lady Blackhawk.

Morrison introduces us here to a pulpy adventure story. While in the regular DC Universe Doctor Fate is a mystically powered hero, Doc Fate seem not so much that and more of a tweak on the concept of someone like Doc Savage. He’s a hero just the same, but he’s more in control of himself and more reliant on science. A world powered just by science is one worth exploring and unfortunately we only get this one issue. The theme of this issue, and the series as a whole in fact, is about the right to live. In this instance you see two worlds literally colliding and engaging in war. While you see the Society of Super-Heroes trying desperately to save the world, the center of this story is the Immortal Man. He’s a man who can’t die, and his enemy is Vandal Savage, a man from another universe who also can’t die. So you see these two immortal men fighting for the life of their cause. It’s interesting to see how Morrison continues to work with this theme, and it’ll be interesting to see how he continues to work with it in the future.

Sprouse was the absolute right choice for a story about pulpy science heroes. As many of you know or should know, Sprouse has previously worked on Tom Strong. There is a very particular style need for this style of story and Sprouse nails it. Everyone is rightfully weathered. They’re not grizzled, as that is a little less than as idealistic as this story would portray, but they’re all heroes that have been around the block a few times already. You are very much watching an adventure movie. I think the best thing about this book is the way Sprouse has drawn Abin Sur. We’ve never really gotten a whole lot of time with him over in the regular universe, but we really see a version in all his heroic glory.

Dave McCaig is on colors for this and boy what a great combo he is on Sprouse’s art. His color palette really works well for this world. Things book is made of green, orange, and brown, and serves the adventure qualities of this book. You have the greens of the big city and the industrial, and the orange and browns of the jungle which is opposite of what you would think, but it is simply fantastic.

The Society of Super-Heroes is a fantastic adventure in the continuing story of the Multiversity. Make sure to pick it up.