Creative Changes are Coming to Batgirl

This August, Batgirl #34 will mark the end of Gail Simone’s run on the character. And, when September’s holographic-covered Future’s End tie ins are all packed away in a longbox somewhere, a new creative will take over Batgirl, starting with issue #35. This new creative team, debuted on MTV earlier today, will consist of writing duo Cameron Stewart (known for his art on Batman and Robin and Catwoman) and Brendan Fletcher (Wednesday Comics) will join all new artist Babs Tarr on the series.

Of course, Gail Simone will undoubtedly be missed on the book, after taking an awesome direction with the character, and making Batgirl one of DC’s best books. However, she has announced that she has a new project for DC that she will be working on. In the mean time, Batgirl’s new creative team will be taking Batgirl in a different direction, one that will make her re-assess her life and her goals after everything she owns is destroyed.

Stewart had this to say about the new direction:

Just prior to the start of our story she [Batgirl] is pushed to the breaking point and decides that she’s had it with misery and darkness and wants a change. She wants the opportunity to have some fun and live the life of a young, single girl in the city, so she packs up and moves to Burnside, the cool, trendy borough of Gotham, to focus on grad school.

Fletcher went on to say that “Try as she might to live a “normal” life, Barbara very quickly finds herself drawn back into the world of crime fighting. Our take on Batgirl mixes the best elements of “Veronica Mars” and “Girls,” with a dash of “Sherlock” thrown in for good measure.”

Along with the new creative team, a new costume will be debuted, as shown below. Images are courtesy of MTV news.

batgirl 35 cover Batgirl redesign