Detective Comics #35 Review

Written by: Benjamin Percy

Art by: John Paul Leon

Publisher: DC

I will be honest, usually when there is a fill in creative team I keep my expectations low. However, having now read Detective Comics #35, I was more than pleasantly surprised to have read a very interesting story, that not only kept my interest but was very suspenseful in the meanwhile.

Writer Benjamin Percy and artist John Paul Leon present Terminal, a thrilling story of Batman dealing with a bio terrorist threat in the Gotham airport. The issue takes some very real and grounded fears in todays world and manages to give them a fantastical spin on them worthy of being a comic book adventure.  This has a lot of weight in its story and is quite compelling, as it gives a very different feel from your typical Batman story. The side characters feel more carved from the real world. It still has all the dark and grim elements you would want in a Batman book, but its just packaged a bit differently, which is refreshing.

John Paul Leon on art with Dave Stweart handling the colors, make a very dark and grim adventure for us to follow. The style fits the story so well, with a more simpler Batman design for a less fantastical story. However, while the art is quality, I must say that at times in certain panels it is a bit too dark  and parts of it are hard to follow. However, some masterful panels, including one with a plane crash, are done to perfection and overall a great job in this issue.

In general its hard to get to excited about fill in issues as we do get attached to our creative teams. Batman however does provide a interesting opportunity, where creator owned characters do not, is that another team can come in and borrow the stage to tell a entertaining and interesting story in the meanwhile. So while we all eagerly await the return of Manapul and Buccalleto , enjoy Terminal, a fill in worth the time.