Justice League # 34 Review

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Scot Kolins

Publisher: DC

Of all the New 52 series’, Justice League has been the one that has maintained the most momentum post Forever Evil. This installment is just another amazing issue that showcases one of DC’s best series. Johns manages to take a wide cast of characters and balance them all out throughout the book to delver a fun, entertaining and engaging issue.

The best trait of the Justice League book post Forever Evil is the fact they have utilized the mainstream continuity the best out of any book. This issue largely focuses on Lex slowly acclimatising himself to the rest of the Justice League. We get some interesting dialogue between him and each member of the “Trinity” as it is called. Whether it be fighting large Gorillas, delivering rations to impoverished nations, or completing a business transaction with Bruce Wayne. Lex gets more personal with each member of the League. In the meanwhile Flash is helping Jessica Cruz acclimatize to her Power Ring, Shazam and Cybrog are discovering the aftermath of their last confrontation (and hints of a upcoming threat), and we even see Captain Cold adjusting to his new digs as security of Lex Corp. Overall this issue acts as a place holder issue for the upcoming story arc, as they do have a fill in artist in Scott Kolins, before Fabok comes aboard. Yet despite its place in the ongoing story, it remains a very good issue, and further reinforces the quality this series has maintained since Forever Evil started.

For one the bits with Captain Cold were quite refreshing and Johns seems to have a great handle on the character. The last panel with him in the mirror scene had me thinking “That is the Captain Cold I know!”. Another great bit is the Jessica Cruz storyline. Though it is kind of obvious where it is headed, it is still refreshing , and good to see Flash get to do a little more in the JL book (perhaps one of the least utilized members).

Scott Kolins on art does a pretty good job in this issue. Though his art style differs a lot from Mahnke or Reis, his less tight approach works just fine for this particular issue (though I too can not wait to see what Fabok does with these characters).

For what essentially is a break in the action (for lack of a better term), this issue advances the ongoing plot A LOT. The final page reveal is quite intriguing, and Justice League remains on of DC’s most consistent titles.