Dragon Marked for Death is Getting a Physical Release This March

Posted January 26, 2019 by Kyle Simcox in Nerdy Bits

Developed by Japanese game developer Inti Creates, Dragon Marked for Death players choose one of four different Dragonblood Clan members, each with their own special skills, as they complete quests, defeat monsters in a 2D sidescrolling adventure set in a hand drawn pixelated world. Players can team up with friends or go it alone and take down the Kingdom of Medius.

While the digital version of Dragon Marked for Death is slated to release on January 31st, you may want to consider waiting a couple more months as a special physical retail version of the game is set to come out on March 26th, 2019. Thanks to the publisher Nighthawk Interactive, the special retail version of the game comes combined with all four playable characters(who are sold separately in the digital version), additional quest DLC and the Striker Gear Pack, which is exclusive to the initial run of the physical retail release all for the price of $49.99. You can pre-order the physical retail version at Amazon, Gamestop and Target with the game coming to other retailers soon.

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