Gaming News for June 28th, 2017

Happy Wednesday! Today we have the winners of the Best of E3 2017 Awards (#2), PS+ games announced for July (#10), and Crash N Sane Trilogy might come to Xbox (#16). Enjoy!

1- The International 2017 prize pool is almost $20 millions dollars. Still has 50 days left to raise money. Estimated to be $25-27 million. (DOTA 2 championship)


2- Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2017 Winners: Super Mario Odyssey Best of Show.

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3- Hyper Sentinel – Nintendo Switch Trailer

4- Crash Bandicoot (Honest Game Trailers)

5- Pinball FX3 announced for PS4, promising the biggest pinball game ever (Source: PlayStation EU Blog, Mel Kirk, credit to NeoGAF user FDC1)

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6-  Mario-Themed Monopoly Gamer Has Power-Ups and Boss Battles (Source: Kotaku, Mike Fahey)

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7- Viewpoints, loot, and hitbox based combat – Assassin’s Creed Origins’ director spills its bladed secrets (Source: Gamesradar, Louise Blain)

Combat has been revamped in a Dark Souls style for new hooded hero Bayek, quests across deserts and lush oasis are now the order of the day, and there’s loot. Loot! In an Assassin’s Creed game! What wonderful sorcery is this? Well, to find out exactly what kind of mystical magic has occurred, I caught up with Origins creative director Ashraf Ismail to talk pyramids and eagles and to find out exactly what has made the slaughtery cut for this brave new world for the series. First off…

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8- Koei Tecmo VR Sense titles planned for PlayStation VR release (Source: Gematsu, Sal Romano)

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9- Editorial: The Frustrating Quest for a SNES Mini is Bad Business for Nintendo (Source: Nintendo Life, Thomas Whitehead)

Oh, Nintendo. We love you, we care about you, but you do drive us crazy sometimes. We’re too involved to break it off, but sometimes we need a bit of a cool-down from your shenanigans.

Here’s how you turn hype for a hugely anticipated product into frustration, in some cases anger, and yes even mockery. You announce a thing lots of people want, then you don’t tell them when pre-orders are going live. You then fail to sufficiently co-ordinate or communicate when retailers are going to open pre-orders, or you simply say nothing and the option to buy doesn’t even come, leaving hundreds of thousands of fans in limbo.

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10- PS+ Games for July!

Until Dawn, PS4

Game of Thrones, PS4

Tokyo Jungle, PS3

Darkstalkers Resurrection, PS3

Element4l, PS Vita

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)



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12- Installation 01 (Halo Fan game) gets blessing from 343i (Source: NeoGAF User wwm0nkey)

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13- Star Wars Battlefront 2 – NEW GAMEPLAY of Crates, Crafting and Progression System!

14- ‘Rocket League’ will die without cross-console multiplayer (Source: Endgadget Timothy Seppala, credit to NeoGAF user dex3108)

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15- Digital Foundry: Titanfall 2 Hits 6K Max on Xbox One X! But What About Other Games?

16- Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy heading to Xbox One, according to Hungarian retailer (Source: Eurogamer, Jeffrey Matulef)

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