Rick and Morty #27 Review

Written By: Kyle Starks

Art By: CJ Cannon & Katy Farina

Published By: Oni Press

I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty, so it’s a bit surprising I’ve waited until #27 to check out the comic books. It’s not like I’m a stranger to property tie ins. I suppose the fact that most property tie ins aren’t good played a factor, and there was that one guy at the comic book store who swore by the series while picking up a slew of Batman and Action Comics, but I do make sure to keep up on MLP:FiM so… Well, most of those have problems too.

Okay, so it’s not that surprising that I’ve waited this long.

I don’t expect I’ll be coming back, either.

The problem with Rick and Morty #27 is that it feels like a cheap imitation of the show. The artwork is so close to matching the style and models, but it’s always just a little off. And the show isn’t exactly pretty. There aren’t many details to Rick, Morty, Summer, or anyone else, and the comic mimics that just fine. However, the proportions never feel quite right. Rick’s head is a little too round, Jerry’s mouth isn’t the right size, Beth’s eyes are too high up on her face, etc. The further back in the scene anyone gets, the more off they look.

It’s so close to being perfect that the fact that it isn’t breaks immersion.

The writing too isn’t quite there. It tries—it tries very hard—but this is an Oni Press book. What little cursing is here is censored, and the dark nihilism that’s spread throughout the show is either gone or muted. That isn’t to say the book isn’t funny because it is, but the humor just doesn’t quite hit what I expect or want from Rick and Morty.

Once again, it’s so close that the fact it isn’t breaks immersion.

Now, the book itself isn’t what I’d call bad. The premise is fairly spot-on Rick-and-Morty shenanigans, playing off sitcom tropes and ending in the only way Rick and Morty can end. There are even references to Aliens. I had some fun. But the magic just isn’t here, and I’m more than patient enough to wait for the show to start up again. I don’t need a Rick and Morty supplement.