Glitterbomb #4 Review

Please note this review may contain some offensive language

Written by: Jim Zub

Art by: Djibril Morissette-Phan & K. Michael Russell

Publisher: Image

Ga ga ga ga ga GLITTERBOMB! Get it? It’s like that song by The Runaways featured in the hit classic film, Guardians of the Galaxy, only I replaced the CH CH CH with GA GA GA because I think I’m clever. Holy shit, why are my hands so sticky? I just washed them. Damnit. Be right back.

Glitterbomb #4 marks the end to the first arc of this comic, and much like Marvel, it’s marvelous. Get it, I did another play on words! Oh man, I’m so witty tonight, you don’t even know. I’m also terrible at washing my hands, but I’ll ignore whatever it is until I’m done. It’s probably BBQ sauce. I’m cooking ribs.

Yeah, I can be an adult when I want to be. Shut up.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Glitterbomb #4 is pretty awesome. We’ve been following Farrah along on her journey of murders-by-monster as she’s taken us through the underbelly of Hollywood. Like all good things, it’s really quite terrible. This literally applies to everything except the ribs I’m currently making. Actually that’s a lie; I’m a terrible cook. They’re probably going to suck.

What doesn’t suck (saved!) is the way this arc ends. Throughout these four issues, there’s been this queasy feeling of, “something is very wrong” as Farrah goes back-and-forth between being a murder monster and a loving mother. It’s a wonderful dichotomy that has been at the heart of all the tension and horror this comic has thus provided.

Glitterbomb #4 shifts the dichotomy in one direction. I won’t say which, but you can probably guess. The thing is, that isn’t bad because it allows for one hell of an explosive ending and also because it’s a lie. Jim Zub is a sly, sly writer, and while claims to humanity are made, there’s always evidence to put them into doubt.

Is Farrah a monster or is she merely possessed by one? Is the anger that’s latched onto her like a thing that latches onto another thing super tight so you can’t get it off truly hers or the evil spirit’s?

Tune in next time to find out, I suppose!

Glitterbomb is, as we speak, at a crossroads in its plot. It could go in about a thousand different directions, and all of them would be pretty awesome. I’m game for whatever Mr. Zub brings.

Also, the artwork is really awesome, but I’m bad at talking about awesome artwork since I’m an ignoramus shitheel who can’t cook ribs without getting sticky.