Harley Quinn and Batman #1 Review

Written By: Ty Templeton

Art By: Rick Burchett & Keiren Smith

Published By: DC

Man, I’m kind of drunk and this isn’t funny. Normally everything is funny when I’m drunk! I don’t … I don’t actually know how to process this. According to DCCOMICS.COM, this whole Harley Quinn and Batman #1 thing is a prequel to an animated film coming out in August, which is this month. There will be five issues, all released digitally, and each issue will be around 11 pages if the review .pdf I have is any indication.

Amazon tells me it costs a whole dollar.

It’s hard to say “no” to eleven pages of cartoony art and cartoony antics for a buck. I’m drunk and cynical, and even I’m finding that to be a good deal. I didn’t like the comic mind you, but if this is your thing, then at most you’re out a dollar. Take the gamble. It’s a dollar. Last I checked, you can’t even get a Hershey bar that cheap. They’re like a buck twenty now.

The  comic itself is pretty stupid. Batman and some form of Robin show up to stop Harley and the Joker, but it turns out the two villains are having a bit of a one-sided spat. Things explode, jokes are made about hot sauce, and it’s over in eleven pages. There’s some minor character work thrown in that isn’t half bad, but to talk about it would veer into spoiler territory. I think the real problem is that I didn’t find this thing funny and that’s what it was trying to do. Were I a decade younger, I probably would have though. It’s not offensive humor, but it is whimsical–well, sorta.

Like, can we talk about how creepy it is for Harley to call the Joker “Daddy?” I know some people are into that, and I suppose this is kink shaming, but damn. Stoppit. I know a dude who calls his wife “mother” and it makes me cringe something fierce.

You’re giving Freud a boner. He doesn’t want one. He’s gonna blame his father for it, and then try to roll over in his grave but stop halfway. Great, now he’s embarrassed in front of all his dead friends. Do you see what you did? Stoppit!

Harley Quinn and Batman #1 is Saturday-morning cartoons at its most mediocre. I didn’t find it funny, but I appreciate the artistic callback to the cartoons I did watch, and I appreciate DC trying a version of Batman that isn’t dour as hell and a Harley Quinn that isn’t obnoxious. It’s fine. For a buck, I really can’t say “no,” since that’s a dollar. I pay more for a cup of coffee, and that takes less time to drink than this does to read.