Superman #28 Review

Writer: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

Art by: Scott Godlewski

Published by: DC Comics

The American history month, Superman edition ends in a grand display of style and patriotism.

This issue of Superman concludes the road trip that our super family needed after several very bombastic chapters. This particular chapter can be pretty wordy at times as we are really given a lesson in American history here; but there is something special about it coming from Superman himself and to his son. Another interesting thing here is that these books came out in July to celebrate Independence Day.

It was a nice respite and a different take for Clark to instill some of the same values that were instilled to him by Pa Kent, without rehashing some of the same storylines. It was a very modern take on it; especially with the kids nowadays wanting to really see everything, it is a fun way to see all of these sights through the eyes of Kent family.

Scott Godlewski does a good job illustrating some of the most important monuments here but where his art truly shines is the intimate moments that the Kent’s share first alone and then with some of the other travelers. Those moments are what elevate this book to being great even though some of the writing was a bit on the nose.

There are moments in this book especially toward the end where I do not personally agree with the decisions made by Superman, as it cheapened the full experience a bit. Personally I believe that part was unnecessary as the book sufficiently had a closer for that character even without that action and without spoiling much it retrospect ended something that was going on for generations.

The book overall was a very fun departure from traditional superhero books and I still believe it to be thematically relevant especially in the times that we live. It is a classic Superman story without the fights. This is one of those issues that shows you why Tomasi and Gleason were a great combination for this particular book, and why this is one of the top titles in the Rebirth line. Not everything needs to have action all the time, sometimes it is important to take a step back and reflect; what does it mean? Truth, Justice and American Way, and this book show us exactly what it means.

If you do not have Superman on your pull, put it on there and pick up these last few chapters, because it captures the spirit of the character perfectly.