Hush to Replace The Joker as the Villain in the Next Arkham Game?

With an announcement for a new Arkham game on the horizon, a new bit “news” makes it seem likely that not only will the game be announced, but it will also feature Hush as its main villain, replacing The Joker, who has been. The villain of the series since 2009’s Arkham Asylum. A post on the official Hush Facebook page (which is run by Warner Bros, DC’s parent company) read “”Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be abut to get more interesting next month…” It was accompanied by an image of Hush, as rendered in the Unreal engine, which the Arkham games run on.

After a side mission involving the character in Arkham City, which ended on something of a cliffhanger, it isn’t all that much of a surprise that he may end up being the next Arkham villain. Keep on checking We the Nerdy over the course of the next month for more news on Rocksteady’s big franchise.