Justice League/Power Rangers #3 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor

Art by: Stephen Byrne

Publisher: DC Comics & Boom Studios

This was one of the crossovers that when I heard about it, I did not know what to expect. We’ve had crossovers before with DC characters, and other properties before, but it seemed like almost natural fit. This particular crossover, I did not believe would work, so I can say I was pleasantly surprised.

This series is written by Tom Taylor, who is known for his Injustice series that follows the events and the expanded universe of the games in which Superman went full dictator, and the Justice League is splintered between Batman and Superman. It’s a very dark series, so it is very interesting to see Tom Taylor tackle something a lot more lighthearted. As he did in the previous two issues, Taylor manages to portray these characters and their interactions perfectly, but most importantly it is written with a lot of whimsy and fun. These particular stories should never take themselves seriously and Tom Taylor succeeds in that task. There are some really fun panels in here, especially seeing some other characters that really haven’t made their true Rebirth debut yet and those are super fun to finally see here.

Stephen Byrne continues drawing this almost like an animated show. It’s a very colorful book, and even though the style is not very detailed it has enough detail to make the book itself work, and that’s ultimately what’s important. There are some really good action scenes here, even though they were sometimes very much on the cheek. Byrne is relatively new to the comic scene, but what he has done is very effective. His style is very similar to that of Karl Kershl, so in that sense it works well. T

here are some really funny parts in this book, with the ending particularly including Superman and Batman. As a fan of those books, I found those panels pretty hilarious. Byrne knows how to make these zany moments pop and really be driven home. It really does read like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Overall this book is an interesting crossover, even though I don’t see what the full point of it really was. It has a bigger canvas of characters to play for sure, especially with lot of these characters still not making their Rebirth debut.  It is certainly a book made for younger readers, and mostly for the fans of Power Rangers, if they want to continue seeing the adventures of these characters, but other than that, the book is really just another crossover that should not exist. So for those people that just want to get a little bit more colorful take on Justice League, or Power Rangers, this book is for you, anyone else look somewhere else for your entertainment!