Marvel Announces Solo Title for Angela

Move over, Sif. Back off, Valkyrie. Marvel has a new Asgardian darling and her name is Angela. Following the events of the Original Sin: The Tenth Realm, Angela will be getting her own solo title. Recently revealed to be the sibling of Thor, Angela’s character has been crucial to Marvel since she first appeared in last year’s Age of Ultron event.

The title will be called Angela: Asgard’s Assassin and will feature a commanding creative team. The book will be written by Thor and Journey into Mystery veteran Kieron Gillen as well as newcomer Marguerite Bennett. Meanwhile, artistic duties will be split between Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans. The book will be divided into multiple parts every month. The main story, with art by Jimenez and written by Gillen, will focus on the modern day actions of Angela as she travels through the Marvel Universe. Inside of each issue there will be a side-story written in, by Bennett with art by Hans, that will focus on the lore of Angela. These inner stories will essentially expand on her commanding reputation and will integrate them into the story in a way that benefits both.

This book reflects the first ongoing Marvel title for Bennett, who was previously announced as a co-writer for Earth 2 and Earth 2: Worlds’ End. Gillen, a staple at Marvel by now, has had long runs on both Thor and Journey Into Mystery, which focused on Loki. This title continues Marvel’s drive to expand the world of Thor and create a female driven book. Two years ago Marvel gave the Lady Sif the Journey Into Mystery title, but the book lasted under a year in her hands. Similarly, Fearless Defenders, a team book led by Valkyrie, lasted only twelve issues before it was cancelled last year. With the caliber of characters and creators shown here, it looks like Marvel may have found their winner.