Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 Review

Written by: Jacob Chabot

Art by: David Baldeon, Terry Pallott, and Jim Campbell

Publisher: Marvel

I have seen Tsum Tsum toys at the Disney Store and a part of me thought, why would people want these silly things? Then I picked one up and realized that these little things are actually pretty adorable. They are something I actually expect to invade  my house as I start a collection for my daughter. The Tsum Tsum line of Marvel characters is expanding and so it’s no surprise that a tie-in comic has come out.

Bringing together characters from all walks of the Marvel Universe, specifically the ones with cartoon shows on Disney XD right now, this first issue of the series is an absolutely wonderful comic for kids. It is a great introductory comic with characters that every adult on the planet is now familiar with. Using Tsum Tsum as a device to connect not only the plush line that is currently an enormous craze, but also a way to bring a new kid friendly version of some amazing characters is a smart move by Marvel and Disney. Not only that, there are some non-powered normal kids that your children could certainly relate to, and that is where this series is really going to shine.

I can remember being six years old and reading my first comics. I felt like a kid again reading the kiddie comics in the box of comics my parents dropped in front of me. What a fantastic feeling. Kiddie comics are more than simplified versions of the comics adults and teens are reading these days. They are stories of compassion, heroism, honor, truth, and justice. They are visually engaging and easy to read. They are something that children can read and enjoy with their parents or all by themselves.

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 is all of the above. It’s so much fun that you almost forget that this is pretty much just an ad for plush toys. Having a heaping helping of the Tsum Tsums around your house will only work to engage your little ones even more with this story.

All of the above is clearly telling you that this is in fact a kiddie comic, but that doesn’t at all mean you can’t enjoy this as a teen or adult. The colors in this story are great; vibrant without any scene looking dark or scary and the language used is easy to read and follow. Another point for the All Ages rating, it’s just really easy to read.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I’m pushing 30. I will be buying this entire series just to see how much fun they can pump into it. It is the moments with those normal kids in the story are really what make it worth picking up for your own children. As said above, they add an element of relatability to the story. You’ll see your kids eyes widen as they realize that they could be the characters here, something much akin to the feeling of reading a Spider-Man story back in the day. Just my personal thoughts, but tossing a new Tsum Tsum to a child after they finish the issue will only heighten their excitement. They will truly feel like they are participating.

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 comes out Today, so head to your local comic book shop and pick up a copy, head home and read it with your kids. Or just read it for yourself. It really is a fun issue.