Millennium #1 Review

Written by:  Joe Harris

Art by: Colin Lorimer

Publisher: IDW

Fifteen years after the show left the airwaves, Joe Harris decides to bless us with a resurrection of the cult classic TV show Millennium in comic book form. Since both the X-Files and Millennium were two of my favorite shows growing up, I was anxious to see what the first issue of Millennium had to offer.

There has been quite a stir in the past couple of weeks about the X-Files possibly coming back to television, which made me wonder if resurrecting Millennium would be a good idea. Will a crossover featuring FBI agents Mulder and Scully from the X-Files and Frank Black from Millennium be just as good as the television counterpart, or will it be a disappointment to fans worldwide?

The start of issue number 1 is based off of the events of the series finale of the FOX tv show, Psychic Frank Black teams up with FBI Agent Mulder (from the X-Files), as they are forced to re-open a closed case after realizing that the Y2K Millennium event that was avoided fifteen years ago is now a threat once again. Agent Mulder is prepared to stop the new threat and enlists the help of Psychic Frank Black, who is trying his best to ignore it and his psychic abilities.

Joe Harris’ storytelling is very straight forward, often letting the ready know of certain parts of the back story containing the Y2K Millennium event. I was hoping for a little more of the back story to be told for new readers who may not be familiar with the Millennium television show. Colin Lorimer’s art work captures the story’s eerie and mysterious moments perfectly, an example of this is in one panel when Frank tries to ignore his psychic abilities, another panel shows the voices in his mind reaching out to him while calling to him, driving him mad.

Millennium #1 may make you pickup the X-Files Season 10 comic, if you aren’t reading it yet, since both FBI agents make an appearance in this crossover.  But, if you are an avid reader of the X-Files Season 10 comic by IDW, or you just want the nostalgia of the 90’s X-Files and Millennium television shows on FOX, then Millennium #1 will not disappoint you.