Millennium #2 Review

Written by: Joe Harris

Art by: Colin Lorimer

Published by: IDW

A/N: Slight spoilers ahead.

Has psychic Frank Black been hiding a big piece to the Millennium Event puzzle from FBI agent Mulder? We explore this in Millennium’s second issue, one that was well worth waiting for.

Issue #2 of Millennium begins with Mulder and Frank in the bathroom of the victim’s apartment, where they both find him dead. This sends Frank into another psychotic trip, as he sees the victim was drowned like the ones in issue #1 by the woman from his visions. After two more events unfolding, one of which a little boy is found peeping inside the apartment (which starts another psychotic trip, this time about Frank’s daughter), it’s revealed that Frank may know more about the Y2K Millennium event and his daughter’s disappearance than what he let on.

I like how this issue elaborates on Frank’s psychosis, showing how it can impair his judgment. Imagine being able to see and speak to the souls of the dead while the people around you look at you in horror and wonder why you aren’t a psych patient. You’d go slightly insane. Frank’s psychosis also leads to temporary memory loss, as he is not able to remember exactly why he is one of the key players in the Millennium Event.

Joe Harris’ storytelling once again is very straightforward, leading the reader on a mystery through open psychosis and Frank’s inability to restrain himself while controlling his psychic abilities.  Colin Lorimer’s art once again perfectly captures eerie and mysterious moments, all while showing Frank in a deeply vulnerable state as he is confronted by someone from his past who helps him remember his key parts in this heavily investigated event.

The only problem I had with this issue was that it could’ve been a little longer. There wasn’t enough page space to go in depth about Frank’s daughter’s disappearance or the mystery character from Franks’ past. Unless the next issue is totally dedicated to these two key points, it’s a little unclear as to why these two link to Frank having a hand in the Millennium event.

If you’ve read the first two issues, than like me, you’re looking at the third with plenty of questions in mind. These aren’t questions that a confused person would ask however, but the questions a person who hates cliffhangers would. That being said, this comic is still a breath of fresh air for science fiction fans as well as Millennium fans who want to relive the nostalgia of the Fox TV show one last time.