Ms Marvel #10 Review

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Adrian Alphona & Ian Herring

Publisher: Marvel

It’s been two months since we’ve seen Ms Marvel, and honestly it’s felt a lot longer than that. When a series is this entertaining you want it to grace your eyes every day of the week. Thankfully G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and Ian Herring brought us an issue that really gets to the heart of being a teenager.

There are a lot of things going on in the world of Kamala Khan. She’s still learning her limits and dealing with life. Stories with teenagers are widely available in just about every flavor you could imagine. That usually presents a problem because they all quickly cover the same territory. You’ll find a lot of stories dealing with “potential.” The story here hits this point, but I believe it covers territory that doesn’t normally get covered, and this is where Wilson succeeds. The Inventor seems to be concerned with the way teens are seen and dealt with by the world and how they’re basically cast aside. We see the Inventor trying to give teens a higher purpose through exploitation while Kamala shows them they’re not worthless by showing they could do anything. It’s nice to see the two different approaches to the same problem, and they are tackling the same problem. Kamala wanted to be more than she was and now she has to handle inspiring others to do better with their lives. It’ll be interesting to see the kind of change this brings to Kamala in the coming issues. She won’t be Ms Marvel anymore, but THE Ms Marvel. She’s getting bigger than herself and that’ll really throw a wrench of the way she sees and comprehends her own being.

Alphona’s art is great as usual, but at points it feels a bit inconsistent with what we’ve gotten in the previous issues. There are times when characters feel stiff even in something like an explosion where there should be lots of movement. This is definitely nothing to worry about though as the rest of the issue was top notch. There is one scene in particular where Kamala comically falls through a skylight and the expression on her face is absolutely priceless.

Ms Marvel continues to be hilarious and heartfelt and is the one to keep at the top of your pull list.