New Trailer, Cover Athlete Revealed for Madden 15

EA Sports has revealed the new cover athlete for Madden 15, resulting from the annual fan voting process.

Richard Sherman, the rambunctious cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, beat out Cam Newton for the opportunity to be Madden’s new cover athlete, marking the second time that Newton has recently lost. Newton also lost the voting process to Calvin Johnson in 2012.

Sherman was asked about the “Madden Curse” that is supposed to hurt each cover athlete during an interview with CBS Sports. His response backed up the bold style that he known for.

“I don’t believe in curses,” Sherman said. “I believe in God.”

EA Sports also released their E3 trailer for Madden 15 a few days early to coincide with the cover athlete reveal. This short trailer focuses on the defensive performance of Luke Kuechly and the changes that EA is making to the defensive gameplay that holds back Madden each year.

Madden 15 will be released August 26.