PlayStation Plus Free Games January 2016

If you were a brat in 2015 and only had a lump of coal in your stocking, here’s a bunch of free games from Sony starting January 1, 2016!

Grim Fandango | PS4, PS Vita

Grim Fandango Screen 1

One of the greatest point-and-click adventures of all time is free! But you might want to have a walk-through handy.

Hardware: Rivals | PS4

The early days of PlayStation gave us plenty of vehicular combat games. This is an HD version of one of them.

Dragon Age: Origins | PS3

Dragon Age Origins Screen 1

Don’t say PS Plus never does anything for you. This is one of the best games of the generation and other than perhaps not having 100 hours of spare time, you have no excuse not to play it.

Medal of Honor Warfighter | PS3

The other “Modern Warfare” first-person shooter.

NihilumbraPS Vita

Nihilumbra Screen 1

Maybe you could tell me what this is.

Legends of War PattonPS Vita

Maybe just keep playing Freedom Wars from December’s PS Plus line up.