Top 25 Comic Series of 2015

Welcome to the staff writers of WTN list of favorite comics of 2015.

2015 has been another fantastic year of top quality comics for what is clearly turning out to be another Golden Age for this medium. It has definitely been an interesting year, with Marvel relaunching all their series to #1 post Jonathan Hickman’s Secret War (I say post, but this still hasn’t finished), and they also found great success launching a number of Star Wars series’. DC kicked off DCYOU post Convergence kicking off a whole diverse line of comics, as well as allowing for more continuity lite mini-series. And as usual, Image Comics have continued to strengthen their position in the market. To be honest, every publisher has upped their game as you will tell in our truly varied best of list below.

Here at WTN we have listed what we really liked to read this year with the aim for you guys to pick up some new titles and create some more diversity in your pull list (if you need it). So go ahead and check out each of our contributors 5 favorite series of 2015. Click on the cover images and scroll through the galleries, with each image is the reason why our staff thought it should be included, so make sure to scroll down each image.

Joel Raivid – Senior Editor


Josh McCullough – WTN Writer


Jean-Luc Botbyl – WTN Writer


John Newby – WTN Writer


Chad Waller – Associate Editor

Do you agree? Are we mad to have missed something? or are you just happy we have given you some more choices when you go to your LCS. Let us know in the comments below.