Quick Reviews of Stupid Comics 10-13-2017

So I’ve gotten into a rut that I want to share so y’all can know a thing or two about me but not in a stalkery way. I get home from work, I feel tired. Fine, that’s normal. I turn on the computer and open Facebook and other shit and read some news, and then I feel really tired. Life ain’t worth living, so I take a nap. I wake up feeling groggy and pissy, and then I read some shitty stupid comics and bitch about them on a website that’s way more orange than an actual fucking orange.

The thing is, I can’t stop the rut because ignoring the bullshit is bullshit, right? Like how fucking privileged is my stupid ass if I just pretend nothing is wrong and that’s okay because it mostly doesn’t effect me. That’s cocks and waffles, which is the name of my DnD group about cocks and waffles. The cocks are cockatrices so it checks out.

Holy shit, I wonder what cockatrice meat tastes like. Probably chicken.

What as I talking about?

Wonder Woman #32

Oh sweet, Wonder Woman got fucking terrible! It was a good run while it lasted. Hey, you know what I want out of a Wonder Woman comic? A big focus on all the male characters. You also know what I want? No heart at all, bland writing, and bland artwork! I’m being sarcastic because I’m a cheeky son-of-a-bitch with hyphens up in this shit, yo. Gonna drop them rhymes till the end of time, salt my waffles with a load of thyme, slap them titties with my fakeass hands–mime, and move on to the next…so…hi!

Ragman #1

I didn’t know what to expect out of this, since I mostly don’t like DC and mostly love Ray Fawkes. The answer was a middle ground thing, or splitting the average. The book is fine with some awesome artwork and awesome ideas, but I get the feeling Fawkes wanted to go darker than what editorial would allow. It makes for a few clunky bits of writing here and there. Thankfully, it’s light on exposition. On the whole, I’m down for more. I bet this goes places.

Scales and Scoundrels #2

It’s more kid-friendly adventuring with some stupid thrown on top because it’s kid-friendly adventuring. They’re going to a place legend says no one has seen, but legends say it’s filled with dragons and treasure! Because that fucking checks out. Legend is stupid. Legend is a fucking twat and he gets drunk at parties and starts talkin’ shit he knows nothing about. Or my uncle. We all have that uncle, right? Does yours give stock advice? Mine does! I don’t listen to him.

Mister Miracle #3

A) This book is great. B) The constant 9-panel grid ruins like half the greatness. Fuck off with that shit. The writing is so good, and the artwork is so good, and then it just…fucks it all up by being bland with its layouts. STOPPIT!

Family Trade #1

Unreadably bad.

Royal City #6

Amazing. Fuck this book is so good. The time jump backwards had me nervous, but Lemire is a god among mortals when it comes to writing books and drawing over them, so it checks out. The character work is as perfect as always, and the artwork matches it beat for beat. Excellent book is excellent.