Quick Time Review Cooler Master MM720 Mouse

Posted July 16, 2021 by Andrew Semicek in Tech


  • Super lightweight and insanely responsive with default settings.
  • RGB customization is excellent and varied.
  • Holding the mouse never provided any cramping and felt natural moreso than any other mouse I’ve used.
  • Braided USB cable allows for peave of mind that any cable wear may occur over time.


  • The exta area to leave you ring finger sometimes made me mistake that for the right click button, but after getting accustomed to it only happened once or twice.

In Summary

The Cooler Master MM720 mouse surprised me in how comfortable it was to use. I loved not only using it for gaming but for everyday use as well. The color variety also means that there is a mouse for anyone out there and the RGB customization is awesome. This mouse is will worth picking up.

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