Quick Time Review: Deathloop

Posted September 20, 2021 by Andrew Semicek in Video Games


  • Much more forgiving for a rouge like compared to others in the genre in recent memory.
  • Constant feeling of progression even on a bad run.
  • 24 hour time cycle is a neat addition and adds layers to levels to make them feel unique each time of day.
  • Combat is fluid and rewarding.
  • Open areas allow for creativity to find your targets.
  • The vibe and feel of the game gives it a 60-70s James Bond movie with much more of a chaotic flair.
  • Playing against another person is tense as hell.


  • The time to get into the games full experience is a bit longer than expected, especially if you want to play online.
  • Occasional graphical hiccups.

In Summary

I had low expectations going into Deathloop, mainly because it felt like we had been beaten over the head with trailers leading up to its release. Boy I was happy that this game exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The flexibility of levels, the forgiving nature of this game, and the level designs themselves has made me fall in love with this game. It’s not a masterpiece of a game, but its a master class in how to make a rouge like for a wider group of people than other games have previously attempted. If you have a PS5 this is definitely worth your time.

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